Ananthi Kumar

PhD Student • Bald Lab



(0228) 287 51194


Ananthi received her MSc in Biochemistry from Ludwig Maximilian’s University, Munich. She carried out her master thesis in the field of immunology at the Institute for Molecular Immunology in Klinikum rechts der Isar, TUM focusing on resident memory like CD8+ T cells and their relevance during chronic hepatopathy. Through her thesis she tried to identify the role of cAMP signaling in the loss of effector functions of the cells in question in mouse models with persistent liver infection. She used techniques such as flow cytometry, cell cytotoxic assays and stimulation assays. Her thesis fueled her interest in immunotherapies and paved her way to join the Bald lab. Her research focus is on NK cell plasticity and its application in cancer immunotherapies.